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I need help. Not that we didn’t know that already, right? In this case, it all began with a quick trip to the library last week for some new audiobooks for our driving pleasure. We pulled in and found ourselves in the middle of the summer reading program kick-off party, which I had forgotten entirely about.

The kids weren’t with me, but I thought, hey, I should sign them up while I’m here, right? After deliberating in only the way a mother can on what their reading goals should be, I had five packets in hand and was heading for the door when the kind librarian brought to my attention the sign-up area for the adult reading program.

I thought, why not? I read a lot anyway. It’s like breathing. The sign-ups were nothing fancy, just a place to sign your name and the number of books you promise to read. In a hurry to get on with my errands, I scribbled down the required information. Then I remembered. I am writing right now as well… I’m crazy!! I can’t believe I just signed myself up for 20 books between now and August 15!

Without spending time writing each day, 20 books would just happen. To get through 20 books AND write will require a plan. I want to make a book list for myself. Any suggestions? At the top of my list are Uncle Tom’s Cabin (for a book group), Possession (by the lovely Elana Johnson), and The Forgotten Locket (Lisa Mangum). ¬†All other slots in my summer reading schedule are open.

Please comment and suggest books you have loved, plan on reading, or think I should read (be nice–if I read Les Miserables again, that will be all I do this summer). I have varied reading interests, so don’t feel the need to only suggest YA fantasies or dystopians. And, for my fellow author friends, if you have a book coming out before August 15, don’t hesitate to list that!

Thanks in advance! I’ll post my reading list as soon as I can put it together.

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  1. Marcus Morgan

    Hi Angela,
    Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth was recommended by NPR last summer and we enjoyed that one. He has a new book (sequel) coming out, called President’s Vampire, that I’m looking forward to.
    The Sisters Brothers by Patrick Dewitt is also a good one I hear.
    Have you read any books by Brandon Mull? I’ve enjoyed his stuff too.
    You might also enjoy this book: A Tiger in the Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family by Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

  2. I’ve got a pretty extensive list on GoodReads, if you want to go friend me there and check out my recommendations. I need to update it, come to think of it … but there’s good stuff there. :)

  3. Hi Angela,
    I love your blog. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury is a favorite for summer time.

    • If only Cinder and Ella was going to be out sooner… It’ll definitely be on my fall reading list. It sounds fabulous! I love Ray Bradbury, though, and Dandelion Wine is on the list now.

  4. I would recommend “Keturah and Lord Death” by Martine Leavitt and “Homeless Bird” by Gloria Whelan. They are two of my favorites.

  5. Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia for sure :)

    Way lots of happy monster hunting fun.

  6. I just finished Incarceron and LOVED it. Very tense.

    Good lookin’ blog!

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