Fun in Austenland

imageI’m alive! And having fun in cosplay. Several years ago, I designed and made a historically accurate regency gown after months of painstaking research. Just because I could. And yes, I’ve had several opportunities to wear it. This spring I added to my ensemble by decorating a straw bonnet and purchasing a matching reticule in order to attend a fabulous tea party hosted by Sarah M. Eden. On the way, however, my giant white coach got a flat tire, and I ended up walking the last several blocks through Provo neighborhoods to the event. I was in my own Austenland, in the midst of busy traffic and rubbernecking college students. Wouldn’t it be great if those of us so inclined could get together an Austen flash mob? Let’s pick a time and place, then all show up in costume to exchange witty banter and discuss the weather. I showed up to my bunco group tonight in this same dress, hoping to get my friends excited about going to see Austenland with me. :) The things we do for ‘research.’ I’ll have to create some kind of regency sci-fi in the near future.

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