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Angela Millsap was born in 1977 in Alexandria, Virginia.  Before she was 12 years old she had lived in Singapore, England, and the Netherlands, and had travelled to many interesting places.  This broad cultural exposure gave her an open perspective on the world.  She always looked forward to travelling, because her dad would usually buy her a new book at the airport bookstore.  Even when she wasn’t travelling, she was reading.  She would find a spot on the floor of the local bookstore and gather a bunch of interesting books around her and read until it was time to go.

She moved to North Logan, Utah, in 1988.  She lived next door to her grandparents, and loved to sit in the hay loft of their barn and read for hours.  She was an exceptional student with a knack for math and science, and was also gifted in music and dance.

She met Dale Millsap at Utah State University and they were married in 1997.  Incidentally, a book brought them together – they read Jane Eyre together while on a choir trip in 1996.  They both graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1999, and Angela went on to receive an ME in Aerospace Engineering in 2006.  They are the parents of six children (five princes and one princess).  She is a wonderful storyteller, and the children don’t like to go to sleep at night without reading a book with Mom.

Angela consumes books about the same way that a dragon devours the peasants’ livestock after waking up from a long sleep in his lair.  The libraries cannot keep up with her habit, and there are constantly boxes arriving from online booksellers.  One of her favorite dates is a trip to the bookstore (where she still finds a spot on the floor and reads until it is time to go).  Her house has lots of bookshelves with books double and triple stacked, and it seems likely that she will eventually have to implement the Dewey Decimal System at home.

She began writing as a little girl, when most of her stories had horses or unicorns in them.  She loves fairy tales, folk tales, science fiction, and fantasy.  She began writing in earnest in 2008 and is a three-time NaNoWriMo winner.

Angela resides with her family at Thousand Frogs Ranch in Northern Utah.  When she is not writing she raises goats, chickens, vegetables, and children.

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